Chevy Truck Legend

The Official Chevy Truck Legend of Texas

The State Fair of Texas is a big event every year. It features trucks and truck-lovers alike, but it only has one Chevy Truck Legend.

This year, the Official Chevy Truck Legend of Texas was named: a 16-year-old Silverado with over 375,000 miles on it. Its owner, Lonzo Anderson, has been through a lot with the truck. He has driven his 2000 Silverado every day and it still holds the original engine.

Lonzo Anderson loves his Chevy and gives it credit for its dependability, “My favorite thing about my truck is that I can always depend on it. I was once called into work during an ice storm that left most people in the area stranded at home. Thanks to my Silverado, I was able to get out of my neighborhood and back to work with no trouble.”

The Chevy Truck Legends customer appreciation program exists to honor impressive Chevy trucks and owners. Any resident of Texas with more than 100,000 miles on their odometer are eligible to enter their truck in the program. Chevy Truck Legends like Lonzo Anderson will receive memorabilia, free car washes, discount oil changes, and more!

The Chevy Truck Legends program will soon be premiering nationally, so get that Chevy Truck of yours ready!

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