You can find OnStar 4G LTE in the new Cruze Hatchback

Why Chevrolet Owners Love OnStar 4G LTE

What do Chevrolet owners love more than their Chevy models? Well, according to statistics, mobile data. A recent look at how much data is used by Chevrolet owners when driving their vehicles suggests that drivers love having Wi-Fi on the go. The survey says that Chevy drivers who have OnStar 4G LTE used a grand total of 4.2 million gigabytes of data last year in 2016, a 200% increase over the amount of data used on the go the previous year.

The reason? Demand for fun stuff inside your vehicle—such as music, movies, integrated navigation, and other connectivity features that make life easier—has skyrocketed. According to GM North America president Alan Batey, drivers now consider these features “an integral part of their day-to-day lives.”

Chevy broke down the stats even further to show which nameplates get the most data usage. Between 2015 and 2016, the Suburban and Tahoe showed the biggest increase, showcasing that OnStar 4G LTE tends to be the most popular among large, family-friendly SUVs. No surprise there, considering the popularity of built-in entertainment systems that features on-the-go movies and audio books.

If you’re interested in getting OnStar 4G LTE in your next vehicle, El Dorado Chevrolet can introduce you to a variety of subscription plans and help you through the process.

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