Chevy Emojis are Translated, #ChevyGoesEmoji

Chevy Emojis are Translated to this 2016 Cruze
Chevy Emojis are Translated to this 2016 Cruze

For those that didn’t know, Chevy is introducing a new version of the Cruze for 2016.  If you weren’t aware, it could be because Chevy also decided to use emojis for the entire press release.  Unless you’re fluent in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, reading a paragraph of emojis is no small feat.  Luckily for you, and with the help of the translator they released around the same time, we’re going to walk you through it.

Feel free to read along with the original as Chevy emojis are Translated for you.

First of all, there are some things about style, technology and efficiency being combined in a sporty ride.  Presumably that’s what the gas pump, smart phone, women’s shoe, and plethora of sports balls are for.

Then they break down what they mean by all of those adjectives.  They say athletically built (muscle arm and protractor), 4G LTE Wi-Fi along with computability for Android and Apple (a bunch of smart phones), and some other stuff like gas mileage which they actually did sort of write out with numbers (35mpg).

They then cap off the release with a car and three globes which means the new Cruze will be available globally.

There you have it! So the new 2016 Cruze is shaping up to be a pretty great car.  And now, even those of you who didn’t double major in anthropology and art know too.  From all of us at El Dorado Chevy, you’re welcome!

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