GM RemoteLink Mobile App Helps Owners Get Better Connected

remotelink mobile app
remotelink mobile app

General Motors wants to make sure that you’re as connected as possible while you’re out on the road. The American carmaker recently introduced the RemoteLink Mobile app from General Motors, offering consumers the type of connectivity that they will drool over.


This brand-new app is chock full of useful features. The RemoteLink mobile app has a range of capabilities, from navigating with an up-to-date map function to allowing drivers to check their WiFi hotspot usage. It also allows drivers to remote start their vehicles and check various diagnostic indicators like oil level, tire pressure and fuel efficiency.


Using RemoteLink is simple. After downloading the app, GM customers can use the app through their OnStar account. While this technology is popular throughout the GM lineup, Silverado owners seem to use the app the most, particular to remotely start their trucks so they’re ready for the job ahead.


If you are interested in learning more about this innovative technology, make sure you stop in to El Dorado Chevy and test it out for yourself!

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