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After thanksgiving

Things to Do After Thanksgiving

So you made your famous mac n’ cheese. It was a hit. You’ve had to loosen your belt a little bit to make more room for all of the turkey and dressing you just had. Thanksgiving dinner is over and you are looking at an evening of dozing off to the TV. Why not get out and have a little adventure?

Need some ideas? We’ve compiled a list of fun things to do after Thanksgiving dinner…

# 1 – Do something outdoors. It will probably be dark by the time you finish your meal so have a bonfire, roast some s’mores, and tell scary stories.

# 2 – Taking in a movie at the cinema after Thanksgiving dinner is almost an American tradition at this point. Why not be a part of this beautiful tradition? Film studios often release their best films towards the end of the year.

# 3 – Make all of your guests help put up Christmas decorations. We agree, this may seem a little exploitative, but it might surprise you how willing they are to help! Plus, getting the rusty ladder out and putting up some Christmas lights can easily add a little suspense to the evening, especially if you mix up an early batch of eggnog.

# 4 – Throw a game night! Board games for the youngsters and games of chance for the adults.

The most important part of whatever you do after Thanksgiving dinner is to have fun and include the whole family!