Find the Vehicle for you

Find the Best Type of Vehicle for You

So you’re looking for your next vehicle and you have no idea where to start. Don’t stress! The first thing you want to do is pick the best type of vehicle that suits your particular needs…

Sedans: Although there is a lot of variety amongst the sedan segment, sedans are generally known for being the most balanced vehicles. If you want it all—interior space, efficiency, safety, technology—get a sedan.

Trucks: This one is obvious, right? But you should know that trucks are much more than hauling and towing machines. They can be just as comfortable and accommodating as a sedan.

Crossovers: Think of crossovers as a cross between an SUV and a sedan. Bigger than a sedan and smaller than a full-size SUV, crossovers are often just as balanced as sedans but with more interior space and potentially more strength.

SUVs: If you like lots of interior space and the potential for lots of power, an SUV is the right kind of vehicle for you. There is a lot of variety in the SUV segment.

Compacts: People who do a lot of commuting and/or live in the city often appreciate the unique benefits of a compact vehicle. They get unbelievable gas mileage and are very easy to park and maneuver around tight city streets.

Now once you’ve decided the best type of vehicle for you, you can move on to bigger and better questions!

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