Enjoy the Rich Culture of Texas with a Virtual Museum Tour


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If you’re looking for a good indoor activity this summer, experience one of the virtual tours Texas museums have to offer. From films and paintings to activities, you’re sure to find something to make your day.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth supplies a rotating selection of artifacts to its online collection. Many of these paintings and posters include a short blurb discussing their significance.

Blanton Museum of Art in Austin

Austin’s Blanton Museum of Art offers a wide range of artifacts in its online collection. From contemporary American and Latin American art to Renaissance European paintings to plaster casts of Greco-Roman sculptures, this virtual tour has something for all types of art-lovers.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is giving the public access to their e-museum through social media, an email newsletter, their own website, and Google Arts and Culture. Online visitors will find a collection of films, sculptures, paintings, and artist lectures, all of which are searchable through the museum’s database.

Houston Museum of Natural History

The Houston Museum of Natural History’s online collection includes virtual tours with information centered on its insect zoo, dinosaur casts, Native American collection, Ancient Egyptian collection, and more.

Witte Museum in San Antonio

If you’re looking for activities to do with the kids (or by yourself), the Witte Museum in San Antonio launched its “Witte Where You Are Campaign,” which pairs educational lessons with downloadable activities on a daily basis.

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