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El Dorado Chevy Is a Pioneer Net Zero Car Dealer

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback in McKinney, TX

When El Dorado Chevy officially has its new solar panel canopy installed, we will become one of the very first net zero car dealers in the country. What does this mean? All the energy that our 28-acre dealership needs to run each and every day will be sourced from this solar panel, rather than traditional means that are bad for the environment.

The solar panel canopy comes from our partnership with Sunfinity Renewable Energy and Ratliff Group. The 1.0-megawatt, 3,456 solar panel canopy is more than a source of clean energy: The canopy will also operate as a carport-esque barrier that protects vehicles on the lot from the sun’s harmful rays and from hail, which is common here in Texas.

“The project helps the Texas grid by supplying power when it’s most needed,” remarked John Billingsley, chairman and CEO of Sunfinity. “And […] El Dorado will be offsetting a significant amount of CO2 — equivalent to replacing over 35 million pounds of coal burned.”

The solar panel canopy will save El Dorado Chevy $4 million over its three decades of life and will generate more than 45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

El Dorado Chevy is going all-in on green. In addition to being a net zero car dealer with the solar panel, it is implementing a new recycling program at its dealership and is investing in plants for its landscaping that need less irrigation than its current plant life. Our dealership truly cares about the environment, especially in McKinney, Texas.