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Chevrolet Supports Our Troops at Annual Army-Navy Game

For the sixth year in a row, Chevrolet was the official vehicle sponsor of the annual Army-Navy Game. At the rivalry match-up, which Navy won for the 14th year in a row, Chevrolet unveiled a Chevy Silverado Special Ops Concept. This truck will have a limited production and will go on sale next spring. And, for every Special Operations Silverado sold, part of the proceeds will benefit the Navy SEAL Museum.

The museum, located in Ft. Pierce, Florida honors the service and legacy of all Navy SEALS and is recognized as the birthplace of the Navy SEALS.

For the Army side, Chevrolet will sponsor the U.S. Expeditions and Explorations (USX) Mt. Everest Expedition Team as they work toward putting the first active-duty soldier and combat-wounded U.S. veterans on top of the world’s tallest mountain in April 2016.

“We sincerely appreciate the support of Chevrolet as we take on this bold challenge,” said U.S. Army Capt. Matt Hickey, USX co-founder and team member, in a statement. “Although our goal is big, so are the needs of today’s veterans, and our mission and Chevrolet’s support inspires others to get involved.”

In addition to this game sponsorship, Chevrolet supports our troops by offering an exclusive military discount for all Active Duty, Reserves, and retired personnel and veterans within a year of discharge. For more information on the military discount, give us a call at El Dorado Chevrolet.


How to Avoid a Post-Christmas Letdown

Now that all the lights, cookies, and decorations have been put away and your extended family has all returned home, you might be feeling a bit blue. This is a common feeling and is known as a post-Christmas letdown. If you always feel down in the dumps this time of year, here are five simple steps to help you avoid a post-Christmas letdown.

  1. Continue the cheer. During the holidays, you likely wished your neighbors and even passersby a friendly, “Merry Christmas.” You can continue this cheer by wishing happy days on those around you. Say things like, “I hope you have a happy day,” or give someone a compliment. Spend an extra 10 seconds to spread joy and you’ll feel much better, too.
  2. Spend time with family. If having family all around you is one of your favorite aspects of the season, continue the tradition. Once a month, or as often as you can, get together with family or friends for a fun dinner. You can keep it simple and just enjoy the company.
  3. Make a countdown. A lot of the fun of the season is counting down the days towards Christmas. Studies have shown that people often enjoy the anticipation of an event more than the event itself. Plan some fun activities to give you something to look forward to and you can even make your own countdown calendar for extra fun.
  4. Light up your life. There’s nothing quite like the ambiance and joy that Christmas lights bring. You don’t have to leave all your decorations up, but if these lights bring you joy, find a way to incorporate them into your home year round.
  5. Keep giving. We have all experienced the happiness that comes from helping and giving to others. Keep those feelings going by finding a place to volunteer. Another idea is when you see something you know a friend would love, go ahead and get it for them. Imagine how it would brighten their day to get an unaccounted, special gift.

These are just a few ways you can continue the holiday spirit and feel joy throughout the year. How do you help yourself avoid a post-Christmas letdown?