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Books for car enthusiasts

Best Books for Car Enthusiasts

Finding the right book can be tough sometimes. But if you love race cars, you’re in luck. Here are five great books for car enthusiasts.

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics – This might just be number one on the list. It covers everything about race cars, from why the tires produce grip to ride quality. It’s a 918-page textbook, though, so it’s not for light reading.

Chassis Design: Principles and Analysis – This 700-page book includes memoirs and notes of Maurice Olley, a British Rolls-Royce suspension and chassis engineer. He was the lead engineer behind the Corvette.

Tune to Win: The Art and Science of Race Car Development and Tuning – This one is written by Caroll Smith, an engineer behind the success of the Ford’s GT40. This is an easier read to follow.

Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, and Plumbing – This one’s by Caroll Smith, too, and covers everything you need to know about nuts, bolts, fasteners, and plumbing for race cars (and street cars, too!)

Engineer in Your Pocket – Okay, yes, another one by Caroll Smith. But it’s the reference manual on basically anything you need to know. It’s even better than Google!


Special Edition Chevrolet Colorado Shoreline Premieres

The Chevy Colorado always impresses, but with a new special edition, it’s sure to turn heads. On March 15th, Chevy unveiled the new Chevrolet Colorado Shoreline, designed for the customers who love a good midsize pickup truck.

The new Colorado was responsible for 74% growth in the midsize pickup segment. “This year, we are continuing that momentum with the Shoreline edition designed specifically for customers in the segment’s biggest market,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet’s truck marketing director.

Chevy came up with the Shoreline concept to appeal to the largest midsize pickup truck market: California. There are more midsize pickup trucks sold in LA than the next two largest markets combined.

So, the Shoreline package combines bright exterior colors with a colored front grille, black 18-inch wheels and minimal chrome accents. The Shoreline provides some of the most popular features to consumers, like a spray-in bedliner, all-weather floor liners, and one year of SiriusXM radio subscription.

If you’re looking for the next midsize pickup truck for you, look into the new special edition Shoreline. It’s the perfect truck for the midsize pickup enthusiast.