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detail your car

Detail Your Car Like a Pro – Your How-To Guide From El Dorado Chevy

Over time, it is expected that your car will become dirty. However, there is no need for you to take it to a professional to have it cleaned. Save yourself some money, and do it yourself. If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to detail your car like a pro.

washing your car

The first step is to get out the air compressor. This is a great tool to get all of the dust out of the corners and cracks of your car. If you blow it from the corners of your car and into the center, it’s much easier to vacuum later. You can also turn it onto your vents to clean out the air system.

After getting rid of the dust, move to the exterior of the car. It’s important that you don’t use an acidic cleaner on your car. This will eat away at the protective layers on your paint and rims. Instead, use a soap that was designed specifically to be used on cars.

car detailing

If you follow these simple steps, your car will be looking clean and professional in no time. You’ll also save yourself a bit of money by not taking into a shop.

fix a scratch on your car

How to Fix a Scratch on Your Car Like a Pro

Throughout the life of a car, there are lot of nicks and dings that happen on accident. You will inevitably experience a scratch on your car at some point in time. Instead of spending a bunch of money to have it fixed at a shop, learn how to fix it on your own. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be able to fix a scratch on your car like a pro.

  • Step 1: Clean the surface around the scratch, and make sure that there isn’t any dirt or residue. This should be done with a soft cloth. Masking the trim around the area where you will be working may be a wise idea.
  • Step 2: Polish the area that you cleaned. After a few strokes of polish, clean the area with a soft rag. Make sure that it’s dry. Go slowly to make sure that you don’t go through the clear coat.
  • Step 3: Purchase primer and matching paint. If you are unsure what color paint that you need, simply take a sample into the store to get it matched.
  • Step 4: After applying the primer and sanding it smooth, apply the new paint to the area. Sand and buff it if necessary before applying the final coat.

Now that you know how to fix simple scratches, you will save yourself a lot of money.